werelboom The scientific name of the Kaki is Diospyros kaki, meaning the fruit of the God(s) nourishing the soul on earth. Diospyros is derived from the Greek Dios God and pyros fruit. Kaki comes from ka soul and ki energy, earth. Its fruit is also called Sharon fruit. The only known satellite of Pluto is called Charon. Charon, in Greek Mythology is the Ferryman who carried the dead across the river Styx to Hades. Charon was discovered by J.Christy. To me, Kaki means universal love.

There used to be a deep religious connection between the Kaki with life in Japan . At present kaki fruits are still sacrificed in Shinto Shrines, on the family altar on New Year's Eve, at the celebrations for souls and the ceremony whereby the souls of ancestors return to earth. At the cemeteries, boiled rice is sacrificed to the unknown dead on kaki leaves. In the past, its wood was used in cremations.